Looking for a Video Game Party? Let Altoona Gaming do it for you! We offer a ton of Xbox One and PS4 games.

Party for up to 12 gamers, $250 includes:

-2.5 hours of Lounge rental and gaming for up to 12 gamers.
-You can choose open gaming (play any of our games) or a tournament or a challenge. (Choose a game)

-Pizza, cupcakes, soda and water for 12 gamers.
(24 pieces of pizza, 12 cupcakesup to 2 Bottled Beverages per gamer) 
-2 covered tables for eating,
-paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils.
-Free T-shirt for the birthday person.
-A gaming attendant will be there at all times.
-Electronic invitation included.
We will set-up tables for eating.
We will clean-up after the party.

Interested in setting up a tournament? Let us know and we’ll setup a tournament for your favorite gamers game. Some examples of our popular tournaments include Madden, NBA, Super Smash Bros, Fortnite, and so many more! Pick your favorite game and we will handle the rest. What's a tournament without a prize? We'll make sure the winner of the tournament will be rewarded handsomely for their amazing feat!

If tournaments aren’t your thing, we also can set up challenges for your gamers like the good ol' days of the arcades. Pick a game and we’ll set a challenge that everyone can participate in and become a record holder in Gamers Paradise high scores!