Fortnite SOLO Online League- September 3rd

Altoona Gaming

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Fortnite SOLO Online League- September 3rd

Limited to 28 SOLOS 

A month long season that will only require about 2 hours a week to compete in!

Compete Online!

Registration closes September 2nd at 11:59pm EST

Prize Pool: $500*

1st place: $400

2nd place: $100

Regular Season

- Solos will play 2 time periods each week!

How do the Scores work?

Teams will play 2 time periods a week!

Time periods will be either 5 games or 75 minutes whichever comes first. We take the best 2 games from each period for a total of 2 scores EACH week.

Score 1: Teams will choose to play their games at any time either Monday or Tuesday

-So Score 1 will be the total from your best 2 games played on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Scores do not carry over!

Score 2: Teams will choose to play their games at any time on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! 

-So Score 2 will be the total from best 2 games played on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday!  


How does Altoona Gaming score my games?

Teams MUST:

Livestream their games for Altoona Gaming employees to watch! Teams must save their streams to their channels!

Regular season standings updated every Sunday Night


-Teams will play 3 games each round! Altoona Gaming will take the best two scores from each round!

-Playoff teams will be posted after Regular Season is over


  • You'll play in a SOLO game
  • Teams caught boosting wins for the season will be banned from the league without a refund.
  • Teams are allowed to have one extra team member for a backup
  • Teams are allowed to play their schedule games ahead of schedule but must contact us first in order to do so
  • Scores MUST be submitted in the appropriate Discord channel. Any other form of submission will not be accepted. For example, you may not Direct Message on Twitter, email, Discord Direct Messages, or anything but the Discord chat for your league.
  • Players are responsible for negotiating contracts regarding payment and playtime with Presidents if applicable. Players on a team with a president WILL NOT receive payment directly from United Rogue.
  • Players do not own ANY intellectual property of United Rogue or Altoona Gaming.
  • Any player wishing to use our logos must first receive approval from us.
  • Players should not participate in any misconduct or toxicity in the Discord server.
  • Players MUST livestream their league matches.
  • Players are responsible for submitting screenshots/links to broadcasts.
  • If scores are not submitted within the allotted timeframe, they will be counted as zeros.
  • After two consecutive missed games, teams will be disqualified.
  • Any and all rules and guidelines stated above are subject to change at any time WITHOUT notice.

By submitting payment you accept and agree to all of the rules stated above.

*prize based on number of Teams

Scoring Rules

Kills = 1 point

  • 5-9 kills= bonus 3 points 
  • 10-14 kills= bonus 5 points 
  • 15-19 kills= bonus 7 points
  • 20+ kills= bonus 10 points

Win= 8 points

2nd place= 5 points

3rd place= 2 points 

***Players pick their top 3 teams they would like to play for. After registration is complete, we will try to give players a team in their top 3!*** Put top three in the "instructions for seller" box

Players also will receive their own custom team themed template they can use!

 **All contests are considered Game of Skill so there is no minimum age limit.**





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