Fortnite SQUAD Online League Xbox and PS4

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Fortnite SQUAD Online League Xbox and PS4

Limited to 24 Teams (12 PS4 and 12 Xbox)

$80 entry fee. Team leader can sign up whole team for $80 or individuals for team can sign up themselves under same team name!



Be apart of the Inaugural Fortnite League season! A month long season that will only require about 3 hours a week to compete in! Altoona Gaming will make your team standout with an official logo with team colors of your choosing! A great way to promote you and your team as pro gamers and as a pro team. We will be promoting the teams in the league all over social media and Twitch. Teams will also be sponsored by Seth's Socks! ( 


Play Online or at the Altoona Gaming facility

Registration closes May 27th or when League is Full!

After placing order we will send the member who purchased, an email regarding team name and list of team members!

Prize Pool: $1,200*

1st place: $1,000

2nd place: $200

2 Conferences- Xbox and PS4 (12 teams in each)

Regular Season

-We will release a schedule of match-ups when registration closes.

- Teams will have 3 Matchups each week. 12 total over 4 weeks

-Teams will play 3, 75 minute timeframes for the week to get the best 2 scores for each matchup. Thats an average of 4-5 games thatll be played during that timeframe!

Matchup 1: Teams will choose to play their games at any time either Monday or Tuesday

Matchup 2: Teams will choose to play their games at any time either Wednesday or Thursday

Matchup 3: Teams will choose to play their games at any time either Friday or Saturday

-Teams will be asked when they want to play their games for the week

-Teams will play 3 opponents each week. Monday-Saturday

-Teams will have a 75 minute timeframe to play and secure the best 2 scores

-Teams will either:

Send videos of best scores via replay system at the end of the timeframe to as example shown below


Schedule a livestream for games that Altoona Gaming employees can watch!

Regular season standings updated every Sunday Night at 6pm


- 8 teams from both conferences will make the Playoffs

-Teams will have a 90 minute timeframe to get the best 2 scores

-Playoff bracket will be posted after Regular Season is over


Example for submitting scores:



-Teams caught boosting wins for the season will be banned from the league without a refund

- Teams are allowed to have one extra team member for a backup

-Mouse and Keyboard are not allowed on console

-Teams are allowed to play their schedule games ahead of schedule but must contact us first in order to do so

-Teams must submit scores through replay system or schedule a Livestream we can watch. 

-No required age limit

-Must be in the United States to participate

-*prize based on number of Teams

Scoring Rules

 Kills = 1 point

  • 10-15 kills= bonus 3 points 
  • 16-20 kills= bonus 5 points 
  • 20+ kills= bonus 7 points

Win= 5 points

Win with 4 alive= +4 points

Win with 3 Alive= +3 points

Win with 2 Alive= +2 points

2nd place= 3 points

3rd place= 1 point


Squad gets 23 kills total and a win with 2 alive.

Score would be +23 points for kills, +3 bonus for 10-15, +5 bonus for 16-20, +7 for 20+ kills, +5 for win, +2 for 2 alive. Total is 45 points for that one game!


 **All contests are considered Game of Skill so there is no minimum age limit.**




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