SOLO ONLINE Tournament - June 14th

Altoona Gaming

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SOLO ONLINE Tournament - June 14th

Fortnite SOLO Tournament

$25 CASH Prize!



IF YOU LAG OUT OR TURN OFF YOUR STREAM DURING A GAME, THAT GAME WILL COUNT! It's up to you to make sure no interruptions occur during tournament matches!

You will play in a SOLO game!

-3 games will be played each round!

-Points will be totaled from BEST 2 games. The other game will be dropped!

-SOLO's with the MOST points moves on to the next round to play more games!

-FIRST ROUND: 4 solo's will get eliminated.

Solo's must have a top 4 score this round to advance into the next round. 

-SECOND ROUND: 2 solo's will get elimated

Solo's must have a top 2 score this round to advance to championship


Solo must have the highest score this round to win!

How does Altoona Gaming score our games?

-We will assign you a time to play and watch your livestream.

-You MUST save the stream to your channel. 

-You MUST start the stream at the start time of time given

 Kills = 1 point

  • 5-9 kills= bonus 3 points 
  • 10-14 kills= bonus 5 points 
  • 16+ kills= bonus 7 points

Win= 8 points

2nd place= 5 points

3rd place= 3 points

Example: You get 12 kills and a win

Score would be: +12 for kills

                           +3 and +5 for kill bonus

                           +8 for win

                  Total= 28 points

 **All contests are considered Game of Skill so there is no minimum age limit.**